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Lily - May 2010

California by Amy Correia

I’m moving out to California
to find my place in the sun
beneath the lemon trees
and I’m living on
oranges and gasoline
hummingbirds humming
helicopters hovering
will you take me in
to your soft brown hills
tiger lily thrills
Palm trees
look like spiders in a starry sky
they look as strange as I feel inside
my suitcase is heavy
’cause I packed it full of childish lies
nowhere left to run
California here I come
I was born in a small town
Sunday school
grandfather pines
Saturdays my mother
didn’t bother me
making my mudpies under solitary skies

Lily - May 2010

Lilium lancifolium, columbianum, Stargazer Lily, Easter Lily…the list goes on and on, there are so many different types of Lily in the species. This orange one is not a true Tiger Lily since it has no spots but I love them because they are like a burst of sunshine in a sea of green.The white ones I have will open in another week or two. They get the sun a little later in the season. Fine by me, since the orange ones will be almost finished by then.

Lillies prefer rich and moist, well drained soil and to be left alone. I don’t even pick the flowers for vases because they don’t seem to like it much. I leave them alone to bloom and when their season is over I cut the entire plant down near the ground and wait for next year. That’s it! They seem to be pest resistant as well. One of the easiest plants I have.

Lily with Buddha - May 2010


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