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The past two weeks have been super extra busy and exciting. Learning an extensive science vocabulary and settling into a new semester has eaten up my free time (happily so) and this weekend is a full working weekend. Whenever people get excited about the 4th of July or Labor Day holidays – or most ‘national’ holidays, I tend to cringe inside. These are never great holidays for me since they fall during the busiest time of the month for my business. If I do choose to take the time off completely, things do not go well in the long run. We’ve learned to just bite the bullet and work through, enjoying the holiday as much as we can but keeping our I’s dotted and T’s crossed. Mostly I don’t mind because we take our time off elsewhere and it’s part of being self-employed. Sometimes however, it makes me a little grumpy…like this morning. So, before hitting the office, I went out to water a few plants and readjust my attitude in the garden and soak up a bit of the morning Sun. Then I saw it – the loveliest flower blooming under the bedroom window. I didn’t know it was growing and I hadn’t known it was blooming and I don’t remember planting it. A complete surprise gift from the garden just in time to get my attitude back on track. It’s a Gladiolus callianthus and one of those things I buried and forgot. I’m so glad I did.

Gladiolus callianthus - September 2011

The more I looked at it, the more interesting it was. Like how the topmost petal has no color when the other petals do.

Or the fact that the purple coloring is so dark it looks brown, and the anthers are HUGE.

I hope it cheers you up as much as it did me. Whatever you’re doing this holiday weekend, be safe and have as much fun as you can. Summer is on her way out and, before you know it, we’ll be discussing holidays involving witches and goblins, turkeys and fires in the fireplace. I’m looking forward to Fall, but I always do that right about now.

Ok, time for me to get back to my job before Tom catches on to the fact that he’s over there working hard on our financial reports and I’m over here playing with pictures of flowers….Happy Labor Day!


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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”
~Charles Darwin

grape leaves in autumn

Ok, let me just say right up front that this has been one of the hardest fall/winter seasons for me that I can remember. No details here, since this is not a bitching post. The fact that there have been no recent entries here speaks for itself. Also, I haven’t gardened in so long, there’s no telling what’s alive out there! But, I’m here now, and with some happiness intact, if not my sanity. Perhaps there are a few more crows feet, some weird thing with that nerve that runs down the back of my hip and leg, my belly put on a few pounds of comfort food, and I certainly drank a little solace wine along the way. Oh, and I completely lost my temper at some strange man who insisted on following me home and stalking me up the driveway to personally critique, and subsequently report to the authorities, one possibly over-brief visit to the stop sign two blocks from my house on a particularly horrible afternoon – he will certainly not be doing that to any other woman. Ever. I assure you. Silly man probably still doesn’t know what hit him. Bwahahaahaha! So, as far as damages go, not too bad.

Miss Peanut stalks a Dandelion poof. She's probably wishing for a mouse.

Yesterday was Tom and my 16th Wedding Anniversary and a very good day all the way around. It came at just the right time, at the end of a very long quarter, and seemed to put a cap on the season, leaving some optimism in its wake. Some important and worrisome projects we’ve been working on made progress in a very positive way, we shared a good day for our business with a happy client, and finished off the day basking in the glow of still being deeply in love and happy together. And so much has changed. When you’ve been with your partner for so many years, neither of you are the same person you were then, or even yesterday. The ability to be changed and accept change in others is the key isn’t it? And not just with relationships – it’s that way with every area of life. Ok, enough of all that and back to point of my journal!

go ahead, make a wish!

Somewhere in all the chaos and worry, Tom and I booked a little trip to Napa to celebrate our 16 years and get away from the office for a few days. We literally dragged ourselves up there, completely unprepared and clinging desperately to all of our obligations as if we didn’t think we could survive without them. We tried really hard to relax and almost succeeded! The photos came out really well and I’m enjoying the trip more through the photos than I did when I was there. Weird, but true.

Jungle Peanut

Here’s my plan, which I’ll put in writing to give it a better chance at fruition;

* finish work today and take the rest of my Saturday afternoon to rest
* Tomorrow I will start posting fabulous Napa photos and then head out to the garden to assess the winter’s damage. I know winter isn’t over yet and I have lost a lot to frostbite and neglect, but my garden muse is out there somewhere, dormant in the muck, and I need to wake her up.
* Monday I start cleaning up the messes made over the last couple months, everywhere! The year-end filing alone would make a lesser bean counter cry. Hell, sometimes it makes me cry. But the Moon is waning, so the timing couldn’t be better for cleaning up and clearing out – office, garden, closets, brain….well, I guess you can’t make changes without making messes. Oh, and you know what else I learned? Growing pains actually HURT! See you tomorrow!

a little Napa teaser...

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Autumn by Alphonse Mucha

“What I really want from music. That it be cheerful and profound like an afternoon in October. That it be individual, frolicsome, tender, a sweet small woman full of beastliness and charm.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche.

Flower Woman in Red Apron by Jean-Frederic Schall

Well, here we are together again and it’s October already. October has always been my favorite month. It means that I finally have what I want: for summer to be over. The shadows lengthen and there are more of them. There’s more darkness on the way and it no longer feels like I have nowhere to hide from the nosy probing sunlight and the false perkiness of forced national holidays. My energy levels go down in summer but the demands on my energy always go up.

Midsummer Night by John Atkinson Grimshaw

This year, summer was spent in school furiously trying to keep up with an intense algebra class and furiously trying to keep up with our business. “THE ECONOMY” as they call it, hit our business pretty hard and it needed lots of loving care. Nothing seemed to come easy and there wasn’t much time for anything else.

Ecstasy by Maxfield Parrish

The minute the last class ended, I started the next one. This algebra class is much more fun and runs at a much easier pace, and I’m starting to ‘get it’. Finally, I’m going to catch up on so much that got lost in the maelstrom that was my summer. It was a productive maelstrom though: I learned, and I learned a LOT about EVERYTHING! My arsenal of knowledge is heftier in every area of my life and it feels really good. Tired, yes, deeply deeply exhausted – but I have a lot to show for it and the pressure seems to be off enough that I can clean up the mess and figure out where it all fits and what it all means. Suddenly, there seems to be some air to breathe. Air is very important stuff.

Isabella and the Pot of Basil by William Hollman Hunt

The garden put out an amazing harvest this summer. My over-achieving planting habits in the spring really paid off in our ‘garden-to-kitchen’ department and Tom and I had fun cooking together. It was our main source of entertainment this summer and, although I don’t find cooking as relaxing as he does, it brought us closer together and really helped us through some demanding tough spots. It gave us back our sense of humor. We also have a freezer full of harvest things to play with through the fall and winter. There will plenty to post about as I organize and sift through the hundreds of photos I took. Since I didn’t have time to garden, everything went more than a little feral out there. The garden is full of “beastliness and charm” and I have never seen it this wild before. We like it. Although, I’m sure as the moon wanes I will be out there trimming things back for autumn, since my current urge to do so is becoming quite uncontrollable.

The Fruit Seller - Vincenzo Campi

For now, I’m not looking to plant a winter garden. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Depends on how I feel after I get some much needed rest. It’s time to clean out, clear out, air out and exhale. Time to collect seeds and inspiration and get back to basics and my inner voice. There has always been a compulsion for me to start something new all the time, like maybe I bore easily. But lately, my smarter quieter inner fish is telling the fickle fidgety fish to stop it for a while and fully digest what we’ve bitten off; to do less but do it better, to focus on health and hearth, to slow down just a bit and enjoy the journey more deeply. There is nothing I need to prove to myself that I didn’t thoroughly prove this summer. Now, I just need to lower my blood pressure!

Temperance by Piero del Pollaiuolo

So, please tune back in over the coming weeks to see what came out of the garden over the summer. I’m quite proud of it and can’t wait to share. In the meantime, sit back with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and look around you. Nature is changing before your eyes. A shiny new season has begun, full of color and life, magic and transformation. The sky is bluer, the air is sweeter and there is nothing our Mother Earth wants more than that you stop and take notice.

Reveries by Maxfield Parrish

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