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The colour of my soul is iron-grey and sad bats wheel about the steeple of my dreams.” ~ Claude Debussy

Critters that generally creep most people out are among my favorite things in the whole wide world. Spiders of all kind have a special place in my heart and at my house there is a strict catch and release program. Snakes are completely awesome, although I don’t think I want one as a pet. And bats. I love love love bats!

When we moved into this house in ‘o4, I was shopping online for a house # plaque since our house was unnumbered, and I ran across this awesome resin bat urn and just had to buy it for the front porch. There was a moment’s fear that it would be too big or out of place in the suburbs, but that was quickly dismissed because it was a BAT URN and who could say no to that!?!?

After a few years the gray started to peel off and it really started to look gross, so in January I decided to give it a makeover:

It just looks terrible with the white resin showing through – yuck!

I did, however, think the spider webs added a very nice Gothic touch and I was sad to disturb the happy little pretties. There were a few very large black widows that had to be evicted.

All the plants were removed and I took a stiff brush to the entire thing to clean it off and help peel away the loose gray paint. Then I resprayed it with a special outdoor/plastics spray paint.

Black was an obvious choice. If I don’t like it, I’m sure it will need another treatment someday and I can change the color. I love playing with spray paint!

Then I edited the plants, which were crowded and need some thinning and cleaning out anyway. There was a huge cluster of Ivy, a couple Lilly plants…

…some true Peppermint, which is supposed to bring good fortune if planted by the front door…

…and I found a Cyclamen that I will try to salvage..

None of the Ivy went back in, instead I opted for color: Primrose and Dusty Miller. Dusty Miller is a great plant with silver foliage that highlights the colors of whatever else is growing. It can be an annual in cooler areas, but in my zone, 9-10, it grows as a perennial.

After a month or so, it has already grown in and fluffed out. Upgrade! There are a couple of places where the old resin paint is peeling up, but for now it looks fine and I can spot-touch the paint with my trusty little spray can.

And now it gets better…the other day a package arrived for me from my daughter, Terri, and her wife, Emily. I dropped everything and grabbed my camera. What beautiful wrapping – I love presents!!!

I’m already hyperventilating at this point!! My Birthday has arrived early!!

It’s a bat skeleton from one of my favorite places to visit while in San Francisco: Paxton Gate!

It has found a good home and will be well cared for and I love it love it love it! It’s going on my dresser next to some other creepy things that I love. Thank you so very much, Terri and Emily – it’s very special and I’m honored to have it! And now I’m off to study all of its little bones…bwahahaha!


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