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Today I went outside to do some transplanting for lunch. The lens on the camera has been cleaned…sure enough, there was a sticky sunscreen blob right in the center. At least I’m remembering to wear sunscreen! Joining me today were a pair of mud daubers who took advantage of my muddy transplanting mess. They’re very noisy so I wasn’t afraid of stepping on them in my bare feet. They sound like an amplified mosquito. They’re quite pretty in the sun. This one came back to the exact same spot every time and enthusiastically stuck its little face as far down into the mud as it could, sticking its rear-end up in the air. Admittedly more interesting than my transplanting work.

my noisy digging buddy

My Jade plant, or Crassula ovata, has needed transplanting for quite a while. It prefers to dry out in between watering, but the pot I had it in did not have a drainage hole in the bottom. Forgetting that fact, I had over-watered and it was withering from the goopiness. The new pot has drainage and I will not water it for a month just so it can air out. Jade plants are low maintenance and can be an indoor or outdoor plant. They are evergreen and will bloom if you give it enough sun. Lots of sun will give the fleshy leaves a little pink color around the edges and a Jade plant left in shadier areas will get very glossy very dark jade coloring. They are known as money, luck, or friendship plants.

Jade and Mother-in-Law's Tongue

The Mother-in-Law’s Tongues, or Sansevieria trifasciata, also got a new home. Oh, I just love Latin plant names! These succulents make excellent houseplants. They spread by a creeping rhizome, so they do well outdoors as well, as long as they don’t get too much sun. Mine were outside and I will leave the bigger ones out, putting this little one in the house to see how it does.

Mother-in-Law's Tongue - long, sharp, pointed

To test my camera lens for cleanliness, I got a close-up of the ‘Cape Town’ Blue Felicia, or Felicia amelloides, which is always one of my favorite flowers to visit.

'Cape Town' Blue Felicia

Also got a close up of the Euryops chrysanthemoides, or Daisy Bush. Euryops means ‘large eye.’ Yes, I agree:

Euryops chrysanthemoides

And just because I was having fun, a lovely picture of the Hydrangea. There will be no taxonomic info on my Hydrangea because there are a hundred different species and one species has over 600 cultivars. One day I may identify mine, this is not that day.

Hydrangea pamelopticus - teehee

Thanks for joining me for lunch, now get back to work!

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So, I finally finished up in the office and headed outdoors to prune the living hell out of everything. For my own uses later, here’s the list:

1) sage – both
2) lavender – Spanish only
3) roses – backyard only
4) passion-fruit vine
5) euryops (daisy bush)
6) Japanese eggplant…will it live?
7) whirling butterfly plant (guara)
9) rosemary – both
10) grape vine
11) Chinese wisteria (vines widdershins – of course)
12) lilac – both (look up info…they’re sad)

The pictures I promised of all the springiness:

The hyacinth I planted a few years ago:

pink hyacinth

The green onions I planted for one of my first blog posts:

Green Onions - update

Lilac bud. I will have to do some research on these little plants. They haven’t done well and it’s time I do something about it.

Lilac buds

grabby little pea shoots

Widdershins Wisteria - Chinese



This spectacular bloom is the most exotic looking flower in the garden right now. Can you guess what it is? The common clover: most people pull it out as weeds…people are sooooo silly!

can you guess?

In honor of the season of fertility, I’m sharing a picture of my penis cactus. Six months of the year it does not receive adequate sun. The other six months it does not receive adequate water. I believe both are appropriate and those of you with penises know exactly what I mean. Reality is what it is and I leave these cacti where they stand in honor of that:

I wish you could have smelled this jasmine. In fact, I trimmed the rosemary, lavender and jasmine all at once. The backyard smelled so amazing. Screw the rapture, I made paradise my own damned self!


And now we celebrate a day that is more complete:

Peanut with book

I have much to celebrate this evening..my list, for my own purposes later:

Spider Orchids
Bat guano
Seed Starting Mix
Old Sheets with Clouds
Blue Slippers
Wings and Nests

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